Janet: Associate Director of Sales


Meet Janet

As the associate director of sales at Omni Atlanta, Janet is the biggest cheerleader for her team. Simply put, she is passionate about what she does.

Always striving for what comes next

Janet’s dream job is to become a hotel general manager. Throughout her career, she has worked in hotels nationwide–allowing her to meet people from different cultures, work with tight-knit teams and advance as a hospitality professional.

“I love hospitality because of the people that I work with every day that happen to now be my extended family,” Janet says.

Explore Janet’s career journey

An early interest in hospitality

From an early age, Janet was interested in hospitality and serving people. Her mom ran a catering business followed by a restaurant-–providing Janet a first-hand look at how the service industry works at an early age.

Studying hospitality in college

Janet attended hospitality school and was selected for a management trainee program. She focused on sales and worked as an intern and a sales professional for hotels in Phoenix and Orlando.

Every day is different

Janet leads the small meetings team, which invites outside organizations and groups to the hotel. She also handles the sports market in Atlanta and attends high-profile events and unique experiences.

My favorite part of the job is seeing the impact I can make on my associates, seeing how they are able to grow every day.

– Janet

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