Tom Jones: “As long as you have initiative, you can succeed”

Started as: Training Manager

Currently: Director of Human Resources & Adjunct Professor

A larger-than-life native of the Big Easy, Tom has dedicated his professional life to paving the path forward for his colleagues. From traveling to Thailand annually to holding numerous human resources positions across the country, Tom lives and breathes hospitality each and every day.

“Hospitality allows any person to attain any level of position they seek as long as they start at an entry point,” says Tom.

Starting off his career as a contracted training manager for a casino, Tom entered the industry looking to find a place to prosper. Over three decades later, Tom holds positions as Director of Human Resources for Sheraton New Orleans and Adjunct Professor for the University of New Orleans Graduate School of Restaurant & Tourism.

As a hotelier and educator, Tom hires individuals with a thirst for knowledge and growth. In his role as an adjunct professor, he taps into real-world ways to apply the lessons to his day job.

“Emotional intelligence and self-awareness go a long way,” emphasizes Tom. “Being flexible and receptive to communication makes us better as a team.”

In his role as Director of Human Resources, Tom’s day-to-day life is people-centric. A day in the life includes engaging in associate relations, meeting with employees, and identifying and implementing high-level retainment policies. Tom’s professional life focuses on identifying each person’s talents and fostering those unique skills.

“I love working in hospitality because there’s nothing more gratifying than watching somebody learn and grow,” says Tom. “There’s nothing more rewarding than that.”