Human Resources

When hotels grow so do their payroll. And at a certain point, this increase merits full-time human resources support. If you can balance empathy and humanity with employment laws and business, this career pathway is for you!

Human Resources Administrator

Do you have a welcoming personality and helpful nature? Are you happiest when you’re juggling tasks and do you crave a variety of challenges? In that case, the human resources administrator role would be perfect for you!

human resources

“I think that the best thing I can say to a person who is about to consider working in the Hotel Industry is that they start wherever, be it in restaurants, be it in room, be it in front desk, just start. And once you start, you will realize all the different doors that can be opened. There a no limits.”


– Karinna, colleague experience manager

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What’s your typical day like?

You’ll be talking about company benefits programs, conducting enrollments, answering questions and troubleshooting problems.

human resources manager

Assist current and prospective employees with inquiries, procedures and more

Human resources administrators assist with conducting interviews, recruiting, and screening prospective employees.

human resources manager

Process forms, enrollments and payroll for employees

Human resources administrators process a variety of forms including benefits enrollment as well as distribute or process payroll.

human resources manager

Maintain and conduct various workplace processes and tasks

There are a multitude of tasks and responsibilities that the human resources department handles, and that requires organization and effective communication to ensure things go smoothly.

Possible pathway starting as a human resources administrator.

The most inspiring aspect about our career pathways is the uniqueness of every person’s journey. In hospitality, you have the opportunity to explore a variety of departments, try new positions, and find the one that better fits you and your goals.

Core skills to make you stand out

A heart for your coworkers, their benefits and well-being, and a conflict-solving mentality can get you on board and beyond.



interpersonal skills

Interpersonal Skills

attention to detail

Attention to Detail

organizational skills



HR Administrator

HR Generalist

Colleague Experience Manager

Director of Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

HR Administrator

HR Generalist

Colleague Experience Manager

Director of Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

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Sales & Marketing

You can be a part of pitching campaigns, closing sales, or working with various clients.



You work with numbers and report to the hotel to ensure financial accuracy.

Derek Jefferson

Lobby & Guest Service

You can be the first friendly and welcoming interaction guests have with the hotel.

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