9 Unexpected Benefits of Making a Career Change

Are you in the market for a new job with flexible hours, unique benefits and higher pay? The hotel industry is waiting for you!

1. Travel More Easily and Cost Effectively

If you love to travel, working in the hotel industry offers significant benefits. While many jobs providetravel opportunities to conferences and summits, hotel jobs offer discounted referrals and accommodations during personal travel.

2. Advance Quickly in Your Career

The hospitality industry is known for quick career advancement and salary growth. Consider these stats:

  • 90% of entry-level workers receive a raise within 9 to 12 months of their hire date
  • 80% of entry-level hospitality workers become eligible for promotion within a year
  • 50% of hotel general managers started their careers in an entry-level position

In the hotel industry, you can move up quickly through the ranks by working hard and taking initiative.

3. Enter With Little to No Experience

Even without a specific background or special training and educational courses, you can easily find a job in the hotel industry. Several open positions in the sector require little to no experience, allowing you to easily make a career change.

At the same time, the hotel industry boasts over 200 career pathways, with several advanced and corporate-level positions available. Your current skills are likely transferable to jobs in the hotel industry.

4. Experience Diversity Daily

In the hotel industry, no two days are the same. Using a variety of skill sets, hotel employees meet day-to-day activities as they come – all while working with a diverse range of customers and patrons. Boring is definitely not in the job description!

5. Enhance Professional Connections and Networking Opportunities

Several hotel jobs require you to interact with people from all walks of life. Through your position, you can build professional connections with ample networking opportunities.

6. Live Somewhere New and Different

With thousands of hotel chains worldwide, you can live in your dream destination. Once you land a hotel job in one city, you could be transferred to other locations throughout your tenure, allowing you to experience different cultures both domestically and internationally.

7. Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are definitely necessary to land a job in hospitality. Once you receive a job offer, you can continually improve your verbal and written communication skills by working with your fellow staff members and the hundreds of guests you communicate with during any given week.

8. Access Career Development Opportunities

Through career development training, you can take ownership and advance your career quickly. In addition to in-house training, there are several development programs and sponsors several certifications you can pursue.

9. Receive Tips and Bonuses

On top of your base salary, it is common for customer-facing positions to receive tips from patrons and incentive bonuses from the company. Your earning potential is amplified when your customer service skills stand out.

Ready to change careers today? Learn more about the many hospitality positions available!