Do you wish the outdoors was your office? It can be! Forge your own path, elevate the everyday and pursue a career in horticulture at a hotel.

Begin Your Journey in Horticulture


Do you have a green thumb and an eye for design? You might make an ideal florist! In this position, you set the tone for guests’ first impressions of property and leverage your creative skills to design artistic floral arrangements for guests’ special days.

What’s your typical day like?


Arranging Flowers

Florists prepare, design, and display fresh floral arrangements along with trimming and watering plants. From lobby displays to special events, you can be part of creating magical, memorable moments for guests.


Tailoring Guest Experiences

Florists leverage creative skills to ensure all event displays are tailored to individual tastes. You may be designing an arrangement for a birthday, proposal, anniversary or other big days in a guest’s life.


Staying Organized

Florists deliver and retrieve all floral arrangements, manage administrative duties, and maintain a clean work environment. There’s a lot that goes into keeping those blooms fresh!

Possible pathway starting as a florist

The most inspiring aspect of our career pathways is the uniqueness of every person’s journey. In hospitality, you have the opportunity to explore a variety of departments, try new positions, and find the one that better fits you and your goals.

Core skills to make you stand out

Creativity, independence, and adaptability transform the average into the extraordinary.

interpersonal skills

Creative Mindset

attention to detail

Detail Oriented

organizational skills

Self Starter


Are you happiest in the great outdoors? Do you have a watering schedule for your house plants? Working as a landscaper could be the ideal career for you! In this role, you enhance the guest experience by overseeing and implementing all types of landscape design and care that contribute to the overall look and feel of a property.

What’s your typical day like?


Maintaining Landscape

Landscapers spend their days outside managing guests’ first visual impression of the hotel.


Implementing Design

Landscapers oversee and implement all aspects of outdoor design. You may find a seasonal revamp of the outdoor design is what a particular hotel may require.


Advising Internal Teams

Landscapers advise hotel ownership and management alike on key ways to maintain landscape design and keep the outdoors looking their best.

Possible pathway starting as a landscaper.

Hospitality affords the ability to forge a unique career path. As a landscaper, you have the ability to try new roles and develop unique skills that best fit your goals.

Core skills to make you stand out

Leadership skills, attention to detail, and taking pride in your work will set you apart.



attention to detail

Attention to Detail

organizational skills

Works well independently or in team dynamics

Explore Some More Pathways

Sales & Marketing

You can be a part of pitching campaigns, closing sales, or working with various clients.



You work with numbers and report to the hotel to ensure financial accuracy.

Derek Jefferson

Lobby & Guest Service

You can be the first friendly and welcoming interaction guests have with the hotel.

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