Winnie Wang: Hospitality thrives behind the scenes

Started as: Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management Intern

Currently: VP of Revenue

From accounting teams to IT to sales, Winnie Wang knows that a hotel depends on all staff members to thrive – not just the employees that interact with guests.

“There are a lot of people behind the scenes who make things happen,” Winnie explains. “They do so many little functions and nuances that aren’t always noticeable and all are underappreciated heroes.”

Throughout her career, these underappreciated heroes have inspired Winnie with their adaptability and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. 

“The energy of the hospitality industry is unparalleled,” she says. “You become intuitive to how people feel just by working in hospitality.”

For those who are considering joining the industry, Winnie’s advises that perfection is not necessary to achieving success.

“As long as you’re adaptable and in tune with what you want and who you are, you never make a bad or wrong decision,” she says. “Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, believe in yourself and take the chance.”