What does it take to get started as a front desk agent?

Are you passionate about helping people? Do your friends describe you as ‘the host with the most’? Do you love making folks feel welcome? If the answer is yes, you have what it takes to be a front desk agent.

Start as a bell person

As a bell person, working closely with front desk agents gives you a bird’s-eye view of the role. See how they interact with guests and handle the hotel’s administrative tasks. A bell person welcomes all guests, assists them with their luggage and cars, and says goodbye when their stay ends. If you’re looking for a people-focused career where no two days are the same, starting as a bell person could be for you!

Set the standard

Front desk agents serve as the hotel’s first impression. Be sure to set a superb standard – this way, guests will start their trip off on a high note and might even come back for a second stay!

Get organized

The front desk is the communication hub of the hotel. Top-notch communication skills are an integral part of your success as you check in guests, process payments, accommodate special requests and answer phones.

Keep calm & carry on

Empathy will help you anticipate guest needs and smooth over any issues they may have during their stay. Maintaining a cool and collected demeanor puts guests at ease and allows the hotel to run seamlessly.

Stay persistent

While success might not be immediate, staying patient goes a long way. Your colleagues are your biggest assets. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and offer a helping hand wherever you can. 

In the hospitality industry, everything can be a learning opportunity. If you keep on keeping on, your dream career as a front desk agent could be on the horizon!