What Does it Take to Become a Hotel Night Auditor?

Are you a night owl? Live for the details? Do you love crunching numbers? If so, a hotel night auditor could be your perfect fit.

A night in the life

As a night auditor, your responsibilities are split between financial reporting and day-to-day tasks. A night in the life includes processing guest payments, checking in late-arriving guests, balancing financial reports, and preparing invoices for the next day. Typically, night auditors work overnight, starting between 9:00-11:00 p.m. and ending in the early hours of the morning between 7:00-9:00 a.m.

Got skills?

While many hotels train employees on-site, accounting operations knowledge could give you a leg up. Computer proficiency, attention to detail, commitment to safety procedures, and a dedication to guest satisfaction are a must for this role.

Making your role work for you

Night auditors have a vital benefit that can fit into any lifestyle: flexibility. Since the work is overnight, many hotels are willing to work around their employees’ schedules. Greater versatility helps hotel employees manage childcare and additional jobs while living more independent lives. Plus, the peace and quiet at night does not hurt either!

Welcome to your dream job

At the start of a shift, the work is focused on guest relations. Once front desk operations quiet down, auditors delve into bookkeeping, ensuring all hotel transactions are accounted for from the previous day. Every job has challenges, but a night auditor has the unique opportunity to develop financial literacy while still leveraging interpersonal skills.

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