Top 5 Reasons to Trade in Your Current Job For a Career in Hospitality

From front desk to sales, IT to event planning, dining to accounting, the hospitality industry offers endless job possibilities. From competitive pay to robust upward mobility, there is no better time to pursue your dream job.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons to make the switch to working in the hotel industry.

Competitive wages and flexible hours

Did you know that 90% of hotels have increased their wages over the last two years? Wages in the hotel industry are increasing rapidly, and have grown 17.6% nationally over the last two years, compared to a national average of 11%. Many hotels offer part-time opportunities to supplement other sources of income and flexible shifts to fit into your busy schedule.

Opportunities to move up quickly

With countless career pathways available, hotels offer many opportunities for raises and promotions within even a year of your hiring. On average, entry-level workers receive a raise within 9-12 months of being hired and 80% of entry-level workers are eligible for a promotion within one year. From mentors to professional development opportunities, hotels support growth and promote from within.

A life-long career for anyone

With more than 200 career pathways, working at a hotel is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to build a life-long career with co-workers who often become a second family. Cross-training and exploring different departments can help you discover your passion and find your perfect fit.

Diversity in people and workplaces

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Want to work at a beach-front resort? What about an iconic hotel in a bustling city? More of a boutique, hidden gem kind of person? Find your dream job at your dream hotel or move from location to location as you explore the world. The freedom of working with hotels will take you on a global journey.

Travel opportunities and discounts

Many hotel jobs offer the potential to travel for work and attend events, conferences, and meetings at other hotels. Some brands provide their employees with discounts on accommodations, car rentals, and other travel necessities. Time to make sure your passport is up to date!

Ready to make the switch?

This is the place to stay. Discover how switching to a career in hotels can lead to a more fulfilling career with competitive pay, opportunities to be promoted, travel benefits, and much more. Explore which open hotel positions speak to you the most, and get ready to make the switch.