Supercharge Your Career Trajectory With These Hospitality Development Programs

From workshops to professional development courses, investing in your career puts you in control of your future. Whether you are just starting out or well on your way, training and development makes your goals possible.

Programs to Supercharge Your Hospitality Career

Being an ambitious self-starter can lead to success in the hospitality industry.

To help you get started, the AHLA Foundation offers several robust development programs to assist you with your goals. Here are three for your consideration:

Registered Apprenticeship Training Program

The AHLA Foundation registered apprenticeship training program offers a combination of online courses and on-the-job learning. The program allows you to earn industry certification and college credit to advance your career at no charge.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, the nation’s first hospitality apprenticeship is a win-win for both employees and employers. Available in three career pathways, learn more about continuing your training and education as an apprentice as a Hotel Cook, Maintenance Employee, or Lodging Manager and fast-track your advancement with these specialized programs once you land that hotel job. Over 70 employers are already participating in this national program!

Professional Development Scholarships

Hotel professionals can earn industry recognized certifications by applying for a Professional Development Scholarship.  Professional Certifications are the perfect way to distinguish yourself in the hospitality industry.  An industry recognized credential allows you to enhance your professional skills while growing your industry knowledge and showcasing your expertise. The AHLA endorses over 20 certifications, including the popular CHA®-Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) and Guest Service Gold Professional (CGSP), administered through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Certifications are available for various specialty types and levels, from line level all the way to executive level.

The AHLA Foundation’s women’s leadership programs BUILD and ELEVATE These leadership programs cultivate a strong leadership identity for women in the field and recognize women leaders for high-level advancement. Leadership training includes two paths —  BUILD  develops a strong leadership identity and ELEVATE  primes recognized leaders for high-level advancement.

AHLA Foundation Career Center and Hiring Portal

Another excellent resource if you are looking to launch or take your hospitality career to the next level is the AHLA Foundation’s hiring portal. AHLA Foundation partnered with HCareers to connect high-quality candidates with employers. You can search for jobs via the portal and research  helpful resources and career pathways to support you in jumpstarting and launching your career search. Registration on the site is free and allows you to manage your job preferences and quickly apply to job openings.

Take the Initiative to Enhance Your Career

You own your career path and growth. Programs like the ones listed above present the perfect opportunity for you to take the initiative and either begin or advance your career. You can start today to explore the industry or plan for  your next promotion.

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