Stephanie Atiase: Pursue the Job That’s Right For You

Started as: Senior Director

Currently: Brand Head

Before entering the hospitality industry, Stephanie Atiase was a frequent hotel guest. While working as a management consultant, she was often on the road. “I used to say I was never home on a Tuesday,” Stephanie says. “I was always staying in a hotel around the world.”

Now, as Global Brand Head for Holiday Inn Express, a IHG Hotels & Resorts brand, she sees the industry as an insider. From her perspective, thriving in hospitality is all about fulfilling guest services and delivering that with a smile.

With more than 200 career pathways, there are limitless job options within the industry.  “Tell me your passion and I’ll tell you where to go,” explains Stephanie. “We really have jobs for every person ranging from tech, service, sales, or leading a great brand. We need leaders at all levels so if that’s something you’re passionate about, we’re excited to have you.”

“This industry allows people to move up very quickly. People who start at the front desk end up being senior executives at multi-brand organizations and there are few other industries that allow you to do that without a college degree.”

Within the industry, there are countless opportunities to grow and experience all the world has to offer. Each day, Stephanie focuses on ways to deliver the products and services to hotel guests worldwide – crafting the best hotel experience possible.

“Every day I am learning and advising on topics in every region of the world. So if you are someone with a high level of intellectual curiosity, and truly like to understand other cultures, and how business works around the world, it’s a great industry to be in.”

Stephanie taking a picture with a woman at an event