Shawn Goodwin: “It’s my forever home”

Started as: Front Desk Agent

Currently: Regional Director of Revenue

Hard work is rewarded in hospitality – and Shawn Goodwin is a shining example.

“The sky is the limit,” Shawn says. “There are so many success stories of people who started at the bottom. It’s a nice break from people stating their career was directly due to their college degree.”

Over the years, his team has become his extended family – cheering him on through successes and supporting him through tougher times. 

“Even when there were times that were difficult in my personal life, I felt sympathy and empathy from my work family,” Shawn explains. “They want me to not only be successful in my job but also be alright and have a well-balanced life. A lot of personal growth for me came from my early years working in hospitality and from my work family.”

“Everyone has a different and unique journey. Often people think you go from A to B, but in this industry you can forge your own path.”

Shawn has progressed from front desk agent to reservations coordinator, reservations manager, complex director of revenue management, and now serves as Regional Director of Revenue where he now oversees a portfolio of hotels encompassing over 1,400 rooms.  

“My biggest piece of advice is to make connections and ask questions,” he says. “If you get an opportunity to take on a challenge and put in the work, you can make your own career path.”