Rajaram Srinivasan: Promoted in his first week

Started as: Engineering Technician

Currently: Director of Engineering

After earning his diploma in power transmission and distribution, Rajaram figured that he would follow in his friends’ footsteps and work at a power plant. While pursuing higher studies, Rajaram worked as an engineering technician at a hotel in India – leading him to a decades-long career in hospitality.

Within one week in his role, Rajaram was promoted from engineering technician to trainee supervisor – with other promotions quickly following suit. Over the years, Rajaram pursued various roles at different properties including electrical supervisor, engineering supervisor, and his current role: director of engineering at JW Marriott in Washington, DC. 

Rajaram credits his career in the hospitality industry as broadening his engineering knowledge and strengthening his professional skill set. “Working in a hotel environment helped me to clearly focus on not only electronics but the overall perspective of the building, whether it’s plumbing, carpeting, electrical, mechanical, or HVAC,” he says. “It helped me to become a multi-skilled engineer rather than just focus on one area.”

“It helped me to become a multi-skilled engineer rather than just focus on one area.”

“Once you get in there you see a different world behind the scenes,” he explains. “Guests can only see the luxury service that we offer,but behind the scenes we work hard to support each and every department to succeed in their role as well as keep up with the building maintenance.”

With sustainability as a core value in hospitality, Rajaram is constantly looking for ways to enhance energy efficiency. Under Rajaram’s lead, the hotel was certified for superior energy performance in 2016. “We are the role model for the hospitality industry,” he says. “And we are trying to push it towards the next level.”

A true hotelier at heart, Rajaram enjoys how every workday presents a new puzzle to solve.“Every day, I am engaged and energetic and learning and teaching others of how a hospitality engineer can succeed in the role.”