Omari Head: There is a place for everybody

Started as: Front Desk

Currently: Founder of Nonprofit

Omari Head loves hospitality because of his students. He has worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years and now teaches hotel management and hospitality courses to both undergraduate and graduate students. With a passion for philanthropy, Omari founded a nonprofit that educates people from underrepresented backgrounds about entrepreneurship opportunities in the hotel industry.

Omari’s journey into the world of hospitality commenced when he was a student at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and began working the front desk at a local hotel. He “just fell in love” immediately and decided to major in Hospitality Administration and Management.

“The thing that is so special to me about hospitality is that there is a place for everybody.”

As a hospitality veteran, Omari believes that the hospitality industry has a career path for everyone.“If you are good with numbers, there is a lane for you,” Omari explains. “ If you are great with people, there are even wider lanes for you… If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s definitely a place for you in the hospitality industry.”

“Don’t just network. Build relationships, keep growing your career, and feed your mind.”