Michael Hooper: “We’re in the business of creating a home away from home”

Started as: Busboy

Currently: General Manager

From the Bahamas and London to Chicago and Vancouver, Michael Hooper has traveled the world through hospitality. Starting as a busboy at his father’s restaurant at age 14 and working his way up to senior management, Michael spent the last 30 years soaking up all the knowledge the industry has to offer. Passport in hand, he has traveled the world as a perk of the job.

“I wanted to join an international company so I could travel around the world,” explains Michael. “Expanding your mindset and appreciating what you have is an amazing benefit of the hospitality industry.”

Throughout his three-decade career, Michael has built brands and opened hotels across the globe. In his current role as general manager of the Hilton Miami Airport, Michael leverages his innovation mindset to manage budgets, meet with numerous teams, and oversee the ultimate guest experience.

“Whatever they’re here for, we provide a home away from home.”