Loren Brown: Building a Family Legacy and Enjoying Travel

Started as: Host

Currently: Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Omni Houston Galleria & Founder of Reimagine Hospitality LLC

As a third-generation hospitality professional, Loren Brown always knew the industry was her destiny. Like her grandmother, father, and mother before her, Loren is passionate about building deep connections and helping guests have unforgettable experiences.

“My mom was in purchasing, and my dad was an executive chef,” explains Loren. “They taught me that it’s all about putting everyone first so no one is last.” 

Growing up, Loren spent countless days visiting her mom at her hotel and watching her dad craft incredible dishes in his kitchen.

“It’s a 365-day business, but they made it work,” says Loren. “My first hospitality internship made me appreciate my parents that much more.”

Loren credits the industry with inspiring her love of travel. Over the past decade, she took her parents to many amazing destinations, including New York City and California. Sharing these one-of-a-kind experiences with loved ones is made easy with hospitality’s incredible travel benefits. 

“My mom is from a small town,” explains Loren, “I love to be able to take her out and show her things.” 

Throughout her 12-year career, Loren has grown with the industry. From traveling solo to Hawaii and Miami to making friends all over the world, Loren has experienced many of the highlights of working in hospitality. One such mountaintop moment was meeting her husband when he interviewed her for a front desk position. 

“He was my Director of Operations back then, but now I’m his boss!” she says jokingly.

Cutting her teeth as a host at a Holiday Inn restaurant, Loren now works as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Omni Houston Galleria while building her business. Founded in late 2019, Reimagine Hospitality LLC, strives to uplift more people of color into executive leadership positions.

“In hospitality, you never know what type of relationship might blossom,” says Loren. “You have to take out the transaction and think of it as an experience.”