Explore These High-Paying Hospitality Jobs

Are you looking for a fun role that grows both your income and your advancement potential? If you like helping others while boosting your professional development,give hospitality a shot! Whether you are interested in a part-time job with flexibility or desire full-time work, plenty of opportunities exist within this ever-changing industry.

You might think, “How much does a hotel worker make, on average?” Or, perhaps, you are wondering which hotel pays the most. This is the best time to check your job options, because in a recent survey, 71% percent of hotels are increasing wages, 64% are offering greater flexibility with hours, and 33% are expanding benefits – but 81% say they are still unable to fill open positions. While compensation and benefits in hotel positions may vary, here are 10 well-paying positions to consider if you are ready to make the switch:

1. Housekeeping Director

Do you enjoy adding sparkle to any room? If you thrive in a leadership role, housekeeping director may be the position for you! In this role, you ensure hotel rooms and spaces are cleaned to the highest standards as you guide your own team and coordinate their efforts with those of other departments. Share your passion for organization and cleanliness while promoting a pleasurable experience for both staff and guests. Estimated pay: $54,000 per year.

2. Marketing Specialist

Want to use your design background and writing skills? As a marketing specialist, you will be responsible for crafting compelling campaigns, advertisements, social media posts, and more. By enticing guests to visit your hotel, you influence their expectations and help maximize their overall experience. Estimated pay: $57,000 per year.

3. Executive Chef

If you love to plan meals and themed menus, a position as executive chef affords you the creative license to let your culinary experience and organizational skills shine. Executive chefs ensure exceptional experiences by overseeing kitchen operations and supplies, staying involved in event planning, and of course creating delicious and unforgettable meals. Estimated pay: $68,000 per year.

4. Food & Beverage Director

This is where a love of food and operations intersect. From collaborating with chefs to managing staff schedules, you offer guests a first-class experience while ensuring all food operations run smoothly. If you can juggle many tasks at once and possess stellar communication and interpersonal skills, the food & beverage director role may be for you. Estimated pay: $72,000 per year.

5. IT Administrator/IT Manager

Today’s hotels rely on innovation, from touchless terminals and keyless entries to state-of-the art software and equipment. What better way to put your tech savvy to use than by helping guests and staff as an IT administrator or manager? Guests who visit your hotel expect a positive experience. In this role, you serve as guardian for their stay by implementing the latest security protocols and patches to keep hotel equipment and services updated and accessible. With hotels becoming more dependent on technology, this position will become even more crucial to hotel operations and the overall guest experience. Estimated pay: $78,000 per year.

6. Event Manager

Do you love a good party? As an event manager, you can coordinate meetings and events of all sizes, and get paid to do so! While you may be responsible for booking caterers, florists, and entertainers, you can also craft themes that attract interest and create memorable experiences. You might even get to show off your decorating skills or culinary expertise. Estimated pay: $79,000 per year.

7. Hotel Controller

If you live for the details, pore over spreadsheets, and possess organizational and reporting skills, look no further. Hotel controllers build relationships with vendors and suppliers, while seeking creative ways to streamline processes, minimize costs, and analyze the hotel’s cash flow. Estimated pay: $81,000 per year.

8. Chief Engineer

Are you a problem-solver at heart? Do you enjoy troubleshooting equipment and coming up with effective solutions? Chief engineers use their mechanical know-how to ensure guest and facility issues are addressed quickly, oversee the work of other engineers, and keep the hotel running at peak efficiency. Estimated pay: $102,000 per year.

9. General Manager

Are you passionate about helping others? Do you thrive on the opportunity to lead a team? Do you always have a smile on your face? Consider putting your strengths to use as a hotel general manager. In this role, you will handle operations, recruit and train staff, and manage the budget, among many other tasks. Successful general managers are effective leaders with strong communication skills who stay calm under pressure. Estimated pay: $107,000 per year.

Next Steps

Today’s hospitality industry offers a variety of roles that are flexible, exciting, and promote a positive guest experience.

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