Brandt Marott: “I wish I would have made the move sooner”

Started as: Chief Engineer

Currently: General Manager

brandt marott

When Brandt Marott began managing a development project for Vail Resorts 15 years ago, he never would have guessed that hospitality would define his future. That is the beauty of the industry. There is a place for everyone.

In 2009, Brandt moved from construction management and accepted a position as chief engineer at the Village of Breckenridge. He had no formal hospitality experience, but his background in project management and his demonstrated communication and leadership skills helped him advance quickly.

“I wish I would have made this move sooner,” he says. “Now I’ve been able to marry hospitality and the mountains, which are two passions of mine.”

In 2021, Brandt became general manager of The Lodge at Vail and a few months later began managing The Arrabelle too. As a leader, he trusts his teams to get the job done and wants to help his employees find the path that’s right for them within the hotel industry.

“I’ve taken the approach of guiding and mentoring,” Brandt explains. “And as quickly as I want to give them an answer, I’m helping them find their own answers.”

“If you’re curious about hospitality, jump in with both feet and build the plane as you’re flying it because in hospitality, there’s something for everybody depending on what your talent is.”

Brandt loves hospitality because it gives him the opportunity to be his authentic self and to guide team members to become the best versions of themselves. He has also enjoyed the unique travel benefits of working at a hotel.

“I’ve created some amazing relationships when I’ve forced myself to go explore a different part of the country,” he says. “I always bring back something to improve the property with a new perspective, whether it is a service or amenity.”