Alex Tacher: When it comes to hospitality, he has done it all

Started as: Houseperson

Currently: Regional Director of Operations

Alex Tacher

Over his 13-year career in hospitality, Alex Tacher has worked in housekeeping, engineering, maintenance, front desk, operations, and managerial roles. Now, as regional director of operations, he draws on  these experiences to lead his teams.

“When there are challenges on the property, I know where they’re coming from,” he explains. “I was in their shoes and that means a lot to the team.”

We have our beautiful hotels, we have our beautiful team, and we have our beautiful guests. That’s what really keeps me coming back every day.”

Even though Alex has been in the industry for more than a decade, he never shies away from opportunities to learn and grow. He tells new hires and those looking to join the industry to master their craft and always be ready for what comes next.

“You don’t ever want to get stuck in a position where you think you know everything because we can all learn,” he says. “Even myself, as a regional director, I know I don’t know everything.”