5 of the Best First Jobs to Propel Your Career

Are you in the market for a new career? With 71% of hotels increasing wages and 64% boosting flexibility, there’s never been a better time to join the industry! Take a look at five of the best first hotel jobs to launch you into the hospitality world.

1. Busser

If you are passionate about providing top-notch service and working in a fast-paced environment,  you have what it takes to become a busser. With 79% of surveyed hotels reporting staffing shortages in a recent study, the demand for strong talent gives you a leg up in the business. Bussers have the opportunity to rise in the industry quickly with roles spanning from hosts, waiters and ultimately food and beverage manager.

2. Hotel Security Officer

Hotel security officers play a critical role in keeping guests and employees safe. They are responsible for upholding hotel policies, protecting the hotel from theft and vandalism, and ensuring the safety of guests and employees. With an opportunity to advance ,you could be promoted to security manager or a regional or corporate role in safety and security.

3. Front Desk Agent

Are you someone who enjoys meeting and interacting with new people? Consider becoming a front desk agent. In this role, you are responsible for checking guests in and out of the hotel, answering their questions, and being the face of the hotel. Career paths for front desk agents include becoming a front desk manager, head of operations, or even general manager.

4. Maintenance Technician

Did you know that many hotels have engineering departments? Maintenance technicians are part of this team and help the operations team maintain and repair hotel equipment such as plumbing, boilers, and elevators.

This position is ideal for college engineering students or those attending vocational school looking for a part-time job or hands-on experience. In fact, many hotels provide on-the-job training to help expand your skill set. From there, a maintenance technician advances to a maintenance engineer. If you decide you are interested in hotel operations, you may even rise to be a Director of Engineering.

5. Room Attendant

Room attendants are in demand, with 43% of survey respondents reporting housekeeping as their top hiring need. Room attendants are responsible for cleaning the hotel rooms to “turn them over” and prepare them for the next guests. If you enjoy being physically active, working independently, and paying attention to the details, being a room attendant is a great job to get started in the hospitality industry. This position prepares you to move up the ladder to a Supervisor or Executive Housekeeping position.

Find Your Next Job

Hospitality continues to be a thriving global and multifaceted industry that needs people from all different walks of life and experience levels. The world is your oyster, and the industry is waiting to welcome you to the wonderful world of hospitality.

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